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Crafting your identity

Identity is the formation of the idea at the core of your brand. We work to express your brands identity with a distinctive look, feel, persona and voice.


Whilst we may know of a brand through its logo, mascot or product, the way we reference a brand is through its name. This is why naming your brand is so important. It can shape the future and trajectory of your business. We approach naming with a commercial understanding of both your brands positioning, and the market that you sit in to ensure the end result creates a valuable brand asset for your businesses future.

Logo Design

We craft logos that resonate with consumers by ingraining the core values of your business within their design. They are the symbol of your business and whilst your logo is not your brand, it will appear on nearly everything you do and must be able to stand on its own.

Visual Design Language

Your visual language includes all elements of your communication, from your website through to printed copy; including all design technique, imagery, your logo and typography. It is what subconsciously links your consumer to your brand. When they see it, they know it is you. We leverage our experience to deliver to you a bespoke design language that supports your brand to engage with your customers and consumers.

Brand Guidelines

We create brand guidelines that are designed to maintain consistency in the way a brand looks and feels, whilst ensuring all copy remains on-message. They are easy to interpret and efficient for your team to implement. They help your team tell your message. For us, they form a key part in defining how each brand conveys their identity.

Grabbing the consumers' attention isn't enough; you have to keep that attention for at least a few seconds. This is where your brands identity comes into play. It ensures your message is clearly and concisely carried to your audience.

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