Proper Tramp Brewing
Case Study

A Proper Tramp with master brewers

Proper Tramp Brewing Logo

Proper Tramp, bottle packaging, including crushed hops and logo stamp
Proper Tramp can packaging, set on yellow background
Proper Tramp, bottle in wilderness

Let's go for a Proper Tramp!

Proper Tramp Brewing was born in the garage of the Manase family. As passionate home brewers, the Manase brothers worked as landscape gardeners by day and perfected their home brew technique by night. It became clear that their beer was meant for a bigger stage, so they decided to trade in the mower to fund the opening of Proper Tramp Brewing, named after their favourite past time, tramping, or hiking for those in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Manase brothers approached W Squared through a referral, to help them define their brand, their image and to create a whole host of packaging to go with their great product.

Working across the time zones meant a few late nights and early mornings, but the power of technology worked as always and most of our meetings were held over video calls, enabling our team in the UK to walk our client through our process from start to finish.

We supported Proper Tramp with a brand identity, packaging design and print collateral.


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