Viola Gaza Holistic Therapies
Case Study

Forming a new identity for an established holistic therapies clinic

Viola Gaza, logo, white

Viola Gaza Option 1 website and collateral examples for client approvals

VG Holding branded signage

Viola Gaza - Initial Logo Options

On a path to health and well-being with Viola Gaza Holistic Therapies

Following the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and realising a renewed interest in alternative therapies, the Viola Gaza Holistic Therapies Clinic realised the benefit of updating the look, feel and message of their clinic, to better align with their potential new client base.

Realising the UK wide shutdown would provide an opportunity for them carry out a re-brand, the challenge was finding the right agency that could understand their vision, operate in these uncertain times and importantly deliver on their new vision.

We were thrilled to be tasked with this challenge by Viola Gaza. We formulated a new brand strategy, which enabled the Viola Gaza Clinic to consistently convey their updated mission and vision. We created a new logo, incorporating key holistic elements, to appeal to Viola Gaza's wider potential client base. From here we developed a new web platform that enabled their audience to better understand the treatments available, the wide ranging benefits and associated costs. Finally, we supplied our client with a complete set of brand guidelines, to ensure that moving forward, all of their team are in a position to promote the benefits of the Viola Gaza Clinic.


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