Case Study

An emerging beacon for foodies in the Scottish Highlands. Defining an identity for the Light House

Light House Restaurant logo, white

Light House Sample Menu
Light House Restaurant, branding on van

Light House restaurant uniform options
Light House - Brand Guidelines
Highland Cow, local produce for a great local restaurant

Shining a light on an emerging restaurant in the Scottish Highlands

A soon to be opened restaurant in the Scottish Highlands, the Light House plans to be a beacon for foodies to experience exceptional food in a modern setting, based around a locally sourced menu.

We worked with Howell and his team, focusing on their goals for the restaurant, his previous culinary experiences and importantly their new story. Howell had a clear vision for the Light House and we wanted his branding and strategy, to shine a light on this allowing the food to speak for its self.

With the Light House menu changing on a daily basis to suit the local available produce, we wanted to not only provide an aesthetically pleasing menu for the customer, but also an easy to use template for the team to facilitate the menu changes.

We also support Howell with his teams' uniforms, their print and physical branding along with their website.


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